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Alex M. Speer

Welcome to the Emporium of my inner world, my emotions through design, and my fun filled thoughts of random creations and ideations.

For the past Ten years I have devoted my reality towards problem solving for design solutions, both in and outside the box of real world applications. It is just as important to obtain and devise new ways of thinking through unrealistic solutions as it is to apply solutions to problems with current off the shelf technology, whether the end result is a one off system, or intended for mass manufacturing. I believe imagination is our greatest tool human beings hold behind the curtain of our hands. With that said, one of our greatest downfalls is to work without helping hands and outside perspectives. Team work to me is the all and be all in any operation or project and without it, the end result will never be as great or as beautiful as it could have been.

No single individual can mold this world alone, but together, we can accomplish anything.

- We are the gears of time, piece by piece we sit alone but connected to others we give life its tone. we turn, we click, we break and repair, we are the time and the time is our air.